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Joyetech eGo AIO Mansion & RunAbout - Kits de pods de poids différents

Hi, guys! Today we will show you two pod vape device. They all from Joyetech, and have the different shape and weight in different styles, let’s have a brief look.

1. Joyetech RunAbout Pod System Kit
Joyetech RunAbout is the perfect combination of fashion and technology, and it has been subjected to various finishing including several fashionable color blends. The cartridge can be refilled easily with a capacity of 2 ml. You can adjust the indicator light as you wish. The 'RunAbout' pod system is especially suited for nicotine salt. Please push a puff button and enjoy traveling.

RunAbout body
Cartridge x 2
USB cable
instruction manual
Warranty Card

It is as big as it is, heavier than anything else. The zinc or magnesium alloy system is aggravated and can be a weapon when throwing. You can see that the battery part is a rather large construction, although there is not much difference in the cartridge part.

There is a puff button.
I do not know if I can say that early, but at the beginning when such an all-in-one pod type device came out. However, it seems that things gradually equipped with puff buttons are increasing.
It is better to have a puff button after all.

2. Joyetech eGo AIO Mansion Pod System Kit eGo AIO Mansion Pod System Kit

Joyetech eGo AIO Mansion is a classic all-in-one. It has a large battery to drive the relatively low resistance SS coil. 7 color tank light on the case of excellent texture.

• Size | 17.5 x 33.0 x 103.0 mm
• Weight | 83.0 g
• Battery capacity | 1,300 mAh
• Liquid retention amount | 2.0 ml
• Applicable coil head | BF SS 316 0.6 Ω
• Air flow | top inspiration / control possible
• Bape method | direct suction (auto) / puff button
• Output mode | Direct output

It is quite lengthy. The battery seems to be occupied inside. Coil head with low resistance to high battery capacity.

It is different from what I thought. I thought it would come out more dark. I guess it's not much different from the pod type.

I narrowed it. However, the taste does not change much. The drawing can be quite heavy though. It is vain, it is heavy and thin.
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